Quality. Innovation. Partnership.

Since our inception of business in 1981, Coastline Ltd. is a company that has adhered to the ideals of quality, innovation, and partnership.  We are a leading Total Water Solutions Provider and understand the unique needs of our individual customers. We guarantee solutions that are unsurpassed by those of our competitors.


Coastline’s commitment to quality guarantees high performance water treatment products you can depend on.  All of our products are uniquely formulated and manufactured in the U.S.A. by a team of Certified Water Technologists.  Our commitment to quality is reflected in the manufacturing plant’s ISO 9001: 2000 Certification and state-of-the-art facilities.

We understand that quality is not just comprised of high performance products, but also of high performance service.  Coastline boasts a service team of Chemists and Service Technicians that are experienced, skillful, and professional.  Coastline’s service team members are educated by the Association of Water Technology.


Coastline’s commitment to innovation has kept us an industry front-runner in field of water treatment.  Innovation is fundamental to growth and progression.  We continually develop new products and adhere to the latest industry research to remain strides ahead of our competitors in the application of groundbreaking solutions.

Innovation has been the driving force behind our development of Coastline’s Greenline Products.  Our Green Chemistry is specially formulated in response to our overall respect for industrial environmental impacts.


Coastline’s commitment to partnership is what makes us stand apart from our competitors.  We understand that in order to produce highly efficient and sustainable water treatment programs, we must create partnerships with our customers that are equally sustainable.

Our exceptionally low employee turnover delivers just that.  Our Chemists and Service Technicians have worked for Coastline for an average of 20 years!  This makes for longstanding relationships with our customers that have proven to be invaluable.

The Coastline Promise

As your Total Water Solutions Provider, Coastline provides sustainable results, reduced energy costs, and satisfied customers, guaranteed.  Please contact a team member to partner with us on your water treatment needs.  We look forward to working with you.