With more than 36 years of experience in the Water Treatment Industry, we understand that an effective water treatment program is based on more than just chemicals. It also requires us to provide a high level of customized services to ensure the program is managed successfully and you receive the results expected.

We offer a range of specialized chemicals, services, and solutions designed to reduce operating costs, extend the life of the equipment, increase plant productivity, and meet the demanding environmental regulations.


Coastline's Cooling, Boiler, and Wastewater products represent state-of-the-art performance technology in the water treatment industry. Our innovative approach is designed to protect your high-value assets, maximize run times, and reduce maintenance, thus reducing energy and water consumption. As a Coastline Customer, you'll be able to rely on a company known for delivering results and bottom-line benefits.


Coastline's approach is more a partnership than a process. We place equal emphasis on service and performance and are always on hand to quickly respond to individual problems and needs. Once onboard with us, Coastline's entire team works together to understand your unique needs. After conducting an engineering survey and gaining a thorough understanding of your systems and water conditions, we customize the right Total Water Solutions Program for you.


Coastline has offered Water Treatment Solutions to a multitude of industries for over 36 years. We understand that each market carries a unique set of regulations and policies. Whether you are at a Government, Commercial, or Industrial facility, we will develop a solutions program with your specific needs and requirements in mind.