Added Value Contracts

As an added value to our customers, Coastline provides the following support services:

Field Services – Our Service Technicians in the field are knowledgeable and experienced individuals who can offer a range of engineering services, including design and specification through implementation and training. They are also prepared to provide fast, reliable service should your cooling or boiler systems go down. With a network of Field Personnel, our service team can respond quickly in an emergency to assist in getting your system back online.

Analytical Services – Coastline Ltd. is supported by complete, independent laboratory facilities, ensuring credibility and report authentication for our customers. Water analysis is in accordance with the latest edition of “Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Waste Water,” published by APHA.

Consulting Services – Coastline analyzes your systems and treatment programs to find ways to increase efficiency. This can include suggested actions that result in reduced operating costs, to exploring unique opportunities to save water and energy. In line with our Greenline products, designed to reduce the impact our treatment programs on the environment, Coastline is also assisting customers in reducing their “water and energy footprint.” This can include implementing means to increase the cycles of concentration in a cooling tower or boiler, to educating engineers on whether a water-cooled system is more efficient and environmentally friendly when compared to its equivalent air-cooled system.

Educational/Training Services – Coastline offers a series of training seminars covering a host of critical systems and subjects including boilers, cooling towers, closed-loop systems, legionnaire’s disease etc. We also provide training on the relative feed and control equipment and the corresponding testing methods. We believe that our customers should be educated, at least on the basics, and that there should be no uncertainties relative to the services we are providing.